Don’t let the altitude (8,650 ft) put a damper on your vacation in the mountains!

Relax and enjoy a unique aromatherapy experience at Red Rivers only oxygen bar. At our Shoppe we use all natural plant extracts to add extra benefits to our oxygen sessions. We offer 6 varieties of “flavors” with a steady stream of 95% of pure oxygen.


Oxygen bar sessions only take 10 minutes on average and can bring much needed relief throughout the rest of your day. We typically see clients daily during their stay in Red River! Clients can also choose to do multiple sessions in one sitting. Each 10 minute session is $10 per person.


There are no age limits and all sessions are for recreation purposes only. The Oxygen Shoppe is not in the medical profession and does not provide medical services. We suggest that anyone having medical issues or symptoms of  severe altitude sickness seek medical attention. 

The Oxygen Shoppe team will suggest contacting Red Rivers emergency services if any clients are on premises with any symptoms of any kind. The safety off all clients is our top priority