The Oxygen Shoppe is Red Rivers only Oxygen Bar and premium quality CBD supplier! We offer a unique aromatherapy experience using natural plant extracts to promote the well-being and relaxation of body, mind, and spirit.

Our Shoppe has a wide variety of premium grade CBD products that range from tinctures, gummies, pain relief, sleep support, bath & body , pet care, and so much more.

We are more than just aromatherapy and CBD! Always expanding, we are ramping up our selection of essential oils and essential oil based products to offer an alternative to using CBD. We are proud to carry handcrafted gifts in support of other small businesses and even some locals of our community! These handcrafted gifts include hand poured candles, hand knitted scarfs, bath & body products, and more.

417 West Main Street – Suite #105
(Front of the Alpine Lodge)


The Oxygen Shoppe is a family friendly establishment that has been in business since July 2016. There are no age limits for the aromatherapy oxygen sessions. Though, in order to purchase any CBD products you must be 18+ with a valid ID.


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We are excited to announce that our online store is in the works! Soon we will be able to offer all of our products online and shipped to you!